MIT spouses and partners

Welcome home.

MIT spouses and partners

Welcome home.

About MIT spouses&partners

Mission Statement

Mission: We support the personal, social, and professional growth of all spouses and partners of MIT community members who relocate to the Boston area. We provide consultations, programs, events, and other opportunities for our members to connect and support each other.
Vision: We aspire to welcome every spouse and partner to MIT before they arrive on campus and to connect them to the resources they need to thrive in a new community.
Values:   International

We come from many places.

We represent nearly 40 countries and speak over 40 languages. Our backgrounds and experiences at MIT are diverse.

We share a common experience.

Almost all of us are new to the Boston area. For nearly half of us, it’s our first time living in the US or first time living abroad. Whether we’re learning to navigate a new city, immersing ourselves in a new language, or adjusting to a different kind of work, our time at MIT brings us unexpected lifestyle and career changes. Many of us find friends at MIT spouses&partners who understand the transition we are experiencing.

We continue to develop our skills and enrich the community.

Our wide range of professional and education experiences all benefit MIT and the surrounding community, although we do it in various ways.

MIT spouses&partners provides its members with the support, information, and referrals they need to pursue their goals – from career or educational goals, to learning English, volunteering, parenting, or enjoying cultural events and activities. Through our Wednesday meetings, website, email list, and individual consultations, MIT spouses&partners keeps its members updated on important topics, including adjusting to life in the US, finding work and child care, learning English, and other information especially for newcomers. MIT spouses&partners also works as a support and referral system for its members, from answering questions about where to buy groceries to providing personal and confidential support and assistance.

We’re excited to share the 2013 successes of MIT spouses&partners with you in our first Annual Report 2013. Gathering these stories filled us with gratitude for all the lives and communities that we touch and we are devoted towards continuous accomplishments.

We are excited to meet you!

There are many ways to have a meaningful experience while you are at MIT. MIT spouses&partners can help you find your way, explore new possibilities and connect with the resources and support you need.

By organizing weekly meetings, interest groups, trips and annual events, MIT spouses&partners creates multiple opportunities to make new friends and to build a social network. Members are encouraged to initiate and organize activities according to their own interests. There are also many opportunities for members to volunteer for MIT spouses&partners.