Coming soon to an airport near you…

December 14, 2016

Introducing the MIT Spouses & Partners Connect luggage tag! My greatest hope is that the things you learn at MIT will support and carry you through the next steps of your journey, wherever they may take you. Your connection to MS&PC doesn’t end when your spouse or partner leaves MIT or you move away from Boston. Take us along with you! We want to be with you as your adventure continues.


Before you leave MIT, stop by the MS&PC office to pick up your very own luggage tag. Or if you’ve already left MIT and would like us to mail you one, please send your home mailing address to us at We’ll send them anywhere in the world.


My not-so-secret dream is that as we mail these tags around the world, the next time you’re waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim area, you’ll spy another suitcase with a MS&PC tag on it.  When that happens, go find that person and introduce yourself (and send us a photo of the two of you!). I’m also hoping that the other person’s suitcase will be mine.


Buon viaggio!