Visiting the Boston Public Library

February 10, 2019

By Cadu Ferreira

My stay here as a spouse has been so useful already, because I work with Social Media, I work remotely and have the opportunity to explore a lot of places, finding a best way to learn about the city, language and this culture.

Something that I could learn since I started to read articles about this area is: We have a lot of options for learning English, to visit (amazing) places and to go to free events. A good choice to enjoy it a is the incredible Boston Public Library!

I love this place because it has a magnific architecture outside and inside. The construction of McKim Building started in 1848. and in 1972., the library expanded its Copley Square location with the opening of an addition designed by architect Philip Johnson.

What you can do at BPL?

  • You can find more than 24 millions volumes (with electronics resources, cds and dvds). It is the third largest public library in the US.

  • If you are a resident of Massachusetts, you can get one eCard. This is a way to borrow books, cds and movies, to use the computers (they have a lot, including iMacs!), to use apps like Hoopla (digital movies, ebooks, music and more) and something that I love: to get museum passes! I have visited the Museum of Science for example: You can take a ticket valid for 4 people and you don’t pay for it! If you want to go on weekend you need to reserve in advance, of course, but you can check which Library is available to get your ticket! Check the link below. Just note that sometimes you need to pay part of the ticket, for example, in the New England Zoo, the full price is $16,95 and you can use the ticket for 5 people paying just $9 each.

  • To search a title is easy because you can use the computers that and they show you where the item can be found (which level, section...)

  • On the second floor, you can use a special room to study/work. It is quite and extremely beautiful, believe me!

  • You can participate in English Conversation Classes, for free. It is a great opportunity to improve your vocabulary. I have participated in some of them and the tutors/teachers talks about American Culture, tips for us in Boston and some history about the US.
    Note: In Copley Square, you need a intermediate level because they don’t speak slow, ok? In another hand, you can find great options in other libraries (Branch of BPL in Chinatown, Brighton, West End, Jamaica Plain, East Boston...) with others English Conversations options. Check in the link below!

  • As many places here, you can participate in free events (i.e. computer classes, yoga class, children activities, concerts...). It is a great opportunity to improve your English, while enjoying some content that you like.

  • If you have children, the library has great programs for kids, of all ages, like story time, lego play, sing-alongs, and such.

I’m in love with this place, because in my city (in Brazil), we don’t have so many things to do at the libraries. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and this is the reason that I’m sharing it with you!

I hope that you can see this amazing place as I see. Visit the official website and check how many thinks you can do.

See you there!


Museum Passes:
Learning English in Boston area: