Volunteering with MS&PC has been a great way to keep my skills updated and add experience to my résumé… Volunteering fills my life with quality time.

Jackie Phelesteen, MS&PC alum

Why volunteer?

Never had the time or opportunity to volunteer before? Now could be your chance to try it out! Volunteering is a great way to connect with the community, meet new people, and gain new knowledge and experience. Many of our activities are member-led, so anyone can find a way to get involved and help shape what we do.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities with MIT Spouses & Partners Connect

MS&PC has different types of volunteer opportunities: working by yourself on your own schedule, connecting with newcomers, speaking in front of groups, leading a group or activity. Let us know what interests you and we will follow up with more details so you can decide whether that task is a good fit for you. Please a google form and we will reach you out. 

Behind the Scenes

If you like to work on your own, here are some ways to you contribute from anywhere, anytime.
  • Compile our weekly email update
  • Design flyers, t-shirts, brochures, promotional material etc.
  • Write or edit our blog
  • Manage our social media sites
  • Maintain and update our website
  • Work with our donors, sponsors and alums

Out in Front

If you love working with people and teams, organizing social events, and speaking in front of others, try one of these.
  • Create and implement Orientation outreach events
  • Organize one-time social events and activities
  • Greet newcomers as a Wednesday meeting host
  • Photograph our events and activities
  • Represent MS&PC at Orientation and Information sessions

Taking the Lead

If you have a great idea and like creating new things, we want to hear from you.
  • Start your own activity (with support and resources from MS&PC)
  • Ongoing meetings or one-time events

Getting started

Do not worry about your English skills - volunteers are always needed and welcome, and there are generally no visa requirements. You can volunteer for a one-time event or on a regular basis. You will find information about volunteer opportunities in our weekly email and posts on our Facebook Group and Instagram account. Stop by the weekly newcomers office hour or email us to learn more.

Let’s find a match between our needs and your interests and availability.