How it all started

Dr. Charlotte Green Schwartz established MIT Spouses & Partners in 1972. At that time, she worked as a psychologist and a researcher at MIT Medical. Her research revolved around internationals at MIT and how they integrated into the MIT community. During her studies, she recognized the need for a support group for the wives of students, postdocs, and visiting faculty. She wanted to give these women a group that they could call their own, where they could meet other women in the same situation. She called the group the "Wives Group", which was changed in 2000 to MIT Spouses & Partners. Today the group is open to anyone who has a partner connected to MIT, regardless of whether they are a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Our History

1972 - Establishment of the MIT Wives’ Group at MIT Medical
1993 - Publication of Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Kahne’s article “Support for Student and Staff Wives in Social Transition in a University Setting” in the International Journal of Intercultural Relations
1995 - Dr. Schwartz retires.
1997 - Jessica Barton (Director) and Jennifer Recklet (Secretary) hired to manage the Wives Group.
2000 - Group changes name to MIT Spouses & Partners.
2005 - MIT Spouses & Partners program joins Community Wellness at MIT Medical.
2010 - Start of the Career Connect program.
2012 - MIT Spouses & Partners Celebrates 40 Years.
2015 - Group changes name to MIT Spouses & Partners Connect.

2019Professional Development Fund established to support the careers and professional development of our members.

2022- 50th Anniversary of MIT Spouses & Partners Connect