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I went to my first MIT Spouses & Partners meeting as soon as I stepped off the plane upon arriving… I met a lot of people like myself, in the same situation, and who became great friends… This community is full of great people. Maybe they are not the people you might think they are.

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We come from many places.

We represent nearly 40 countries and speak over 40 languages. Our backgrounds and experiences at MIT are diverse.

We share a common experience.

Almost all of us are new to the Boston area. For nearly half of us, it’s our first time living in the US or first time living abroad. Whether we’re learning to navigate a new city, immersing ourselves in a new language, or adjusting to a different kind of work, our time at MIT brings us unexpected lifestyle and career changes. Many of us find friends at MIT Spouses & Partners Connect who understand the transition we are experiencing.

There are many ways to have a meaningful experience while you are at MIT. MIT Spouses & Partners Connect can help you find your way, explore new possibilities and connect with the resources and support you need.

We are excited to meet you!