Childcare & Parenting

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so why do it alone? Get connected to other parents, and find all the information and help you need. Here are different MIT organizations who provide resources and consultations concerning childcare and parenting.


  •  Please find more information about the TCC (Technology childcare centers) here
  •  The MIT Work Life Center offers support for parents seeking all types of childcare (from fulltime daycare to babysitters to backup childcare)
    • For graduate students and their family members: MIT GAIN – the Graduate Assistance and Information Network
    • For postdocs, staff, faculty and their family members: MIT MyLife Services
  • Backup Childcare is available for both student & postdoc families in their homes or on site at local daycare centers.
  • Read the Childcare & School Overview on the Office of Graduate Education Families website - while some information here solely applies to graduate student families, others can find  helpful information and links here.


  • Join the MITFamilies Slack Space to connect with other MIT parents - channels are organized by children's ages making it easy to find the info you need.
  • Learn if you are eligible for the MIT Grant for Graduate Students with Children.
  • Attend Parents Connect events. Find them on the MIT Spouses & Partners Connect calendar.
  • MIT Health's Pediatric Primary Care Service hosts a “Baby Talk” session for expectant parents to ask questions, share concerns, and learn about the service. Call 617-253-1505 to find out about upcoming sessions.
  • Parent Coaching. If you have a question and looking for professional advice, current MIT benefits-eligible faculty, staff, and postdocs can schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Peace at Home Parenting Solutions coach to discuss any questions or concerns. These parenting coaches hold advanced degrees and are seasoned specialists in their fields. Private coaching is one hour per family, and that is per calendar year. They are great about breaking up the hour, so if needed, you could do three 20-minute sessions or two 30-minute sessions.
  • Register for lunchtime seminars for parents of infants and toddlers and school-age children sponsored by MIT Work Life.
  • Find lactation rooms on campus.
  • Visit Community Wellness to learn more about classes for new & expecting parents.