Career Connect


“I participated in the Career Connect workshops offered by MIT Spouses & Partners Connect, and received amazing help and support… being part of the program helped me prepare for the several interviews I had, and helped me to adapt to the professional culture here in the US.”

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Workshop series

Career Connect provides training for MIT spouses and partners who are looking for work or professional development opportunities during their time at MIT. Twice a year we organize a series of workshops with HR and career professionals, covering topics such as identifying transferable skills, networking, adapting to the US business culture, and crafting a strong resume and cover letter. These workshops are designed to help you develop the fundamental skills for a job search in the US. You are welcome to participate no matter where you are in the job search process. Our sessions will be especially beneficial to anyone who is currently searching for a job in the United States for the first time, or who is changing careers. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about upcoming dates.

Instructional Videos

We have created three short instructional videos. Featuring Career Connect speaker Bori Stoyanova and Career Connect attendees who found jobs in the Boston area, the videos cover the most important aspects of writing resumes, networking, and interviewing. Watch these videos to learn more about the unique aspects of finding work in the U.S.

Private Consultations

The MIT Spouses & Partners Connect staff can provide general job search information and direct you to the resources that are right for your needs. Get your resume reviewed, discuss job search strategies, practice some interview questions and update us on your job search successes and challenges. You are welcome to participate no matter where you are in your career development or job search process. Please sign up in advance for a 30 minute private appointment here:  Appointments are available at various times during the week.


Stay connected with other MIT Spouses & Partners Connect in your field by joining our LinkedIn group. You’ll find many helpful tips and articles, and opportunities to network.

How Career Connect got started...

Volunteers are what make the vibrant and diverse programming that MIT Spouses & Partners Connect offers possible, and we are especially grateful for the contributions of Sunita Arora. Sunita arrived at MIT in August 2011, but her involvement in MIT Spouses & Partners Connect began even before she set foot in Cambridge. Back in India, working out options on how she would spend her time at MIT, she reached out to Program Manager, Jennifer Recklet Tassi, to inquire about activities and projects she might undertake. As often happens with MIT Spouses & Partners Connect, Sunita’s talents and expertise were just what the program needed at the time. Up until that time, the support that MS&PC provided to job seekers was an informal monthly meeting, and we were ready to grow our support into a more comprehensive training program, but weren’t quite sure how to do. Enter Sunita, a professional with a human resources, training and management/leadership background . She envisioned a workshop series to give job seekers the information, skills and confidence to navigate a job search in a new country. She created a structure and presented on topics such as change, and along with Bori Stoyanova and Michele King (our core Career Connect speakers), they made Career Connect into the robust program it is today. Sunita also was a major force in the development of an effective volunteer structure and Executive Committee for our organization. While no longer at MIT, Sunita continues to support Career Connect and MIT Spouses & Partners Connect financially.

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